How To Be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy!

How you can be happy, healthy and wealthy! There are wonderful acronyms found in positive words! For example the word: HAPPY.

Heart – are you doing the thing you love to do? Are you living your dreams? If not, why not? What’s stopping you from achieving your dream? Is it a lack of courage? You got to work on your fears that may be holding you back. There is an inspiring Chinese saying: “I rather live one day as a tiger than 100 years as a sheep.”

Attitude – do you have a positive mental attitude? Your attitude will determine your altitude. Do you belong to the majority of negative people who complain and whine about life?

Purpose – do you have a great purpose, a dream that you want to achieve? Celine Dione sang a very popular song: The Power of The Dream. It is a very inspiring song and I highly recommend you go to your nearest music store to get her album.

People – are you mixing with the right people who will inspire and help you towards achieving your dreams. There is a popular saying: Birds of a feather flock together! Be careful who you mix with they will influence your thoughts and actions.

Yes! – how well do you communicate? Are you able to persuade people to do what you want them to do. Do you have the integrity that will attract people and win their trust?

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HEALTHY is a great acronym too.

Health – Health is your greatest wealth? Are you taking good care of your health? Do you eat well, rest well and exercise well to stay healthy and fit?

Ethical – Are you doing the right things? To be healthy you must do the right things to ensure your body stay healthy and fit. Doing the right things will also ensure peace of mind which is an important factor for achieving good health.

Action – nothing happens without action. Have you put your thoughts into action. The greatest intention is of no value if it is not put into action.

Love – it is the most powerful force on earth. It is the law of attraction because when you are a loving and caring person you will attract good people into your life. The universal forces will come and help you achieve your dreams too!

Think – as a man thinketh so is he! You are what you think. Be careful of the thoughts that are running through your mind, are they negative or positive? With positive thoughts will come positive results and with negative thoughts will come negative results!

Happiness – everyone wants to be happy. Do you know what are the things that will make you happy? Do you know what are the things that will make people happy? We are all basically the same!

YOU – Yes Opportunities Unlimited. You can achieve whatever you want in life if you truly believe in it and have the burning desire to achieve it. Napoleon Hill popular quotation: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve!” It all depends on you!

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WEALTHY is a great acronym for Wisdom, Enterprising, Alliances, Leverage, Teamwork, Holistic and Yardstick. Do you have the wisdom to do the right things? Are you enterprising enough to think out of the box and take calculated risk? Do you know how to win co-operation through strategic alliances? Are you leveraging your time and effort? Do you have a strong team? Is your approach holistic? Are you living a balanced and successful lifestyle? What is your yardstick for success?

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Love, Learn, Leverage and Live Your Dream!

Bruce Seah
Asia No.1 Home-Based Business Coach

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